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Knowledgeable Oklahoma Estate Planning Attorneys Safeguard Clients’ Interests

Experienced Clinton law firm provides reliable counsel regarding asset transfers

Some people put off estate planning, but we don’t know what the next day holds, so it’s smart to put solid plans in place to protect your interests and those of your loved ones. At the law firm of Patrick T. Cornell, P.C., our attorneys assist clients in developing estate planning strategies suited to their unique situations. Then, we prepare thorough documents that detail your wishes regarding how you want your assets distributed, your children cared for and your affairs handled should you become incapacitated. When you need top-quality legal assistance, our Clinton law firm is here for you. We represent clients throughout Oklahoma.

Effective legal advisers draft enforceable wills for Oklahomans

A will is critical to helping ensure your assets and property are distributed in line with your wishes. If you die without one, your assets and property will be divided in accordance with Oklahoma’s intestate succession laws. This means the people you want to receive your assets might not do so. For parents, it is important to include guardianship instructions that designate whom you want to care for your children if they are orphaned. Regardless of your particular goals, we prepare enforceable wills that clearly describe your wishes.

Efficient lawyers establish a variety of different trusts for clients

Trusts can be a beneficial way for people to pass their assets and property to beneficiaries without making them wait through probate, which is the complex legal process required to settle a decedent’s estate. There can also be tax and other financial advantages to putting your assets into a trust depending on the type of trust instrument. We’ll advise you about what may be the most advantageous types of trust given your circumstances and objectives. From there, then prepare the trust documentation for you.

Committed counselors prepare advanced directives for healthcare

An advance healthcare directive gives legal force to your wishes if you are unable to communicate due to a serious illness or injury. One type of document is a living will that directs doctors about what end-of-life measures you do or do not want taken. You can also execute a durable power of attorney that allows you to name a trusted person as your healthcare agent to make medical decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself. Additionally, it can stipulate your wishes regarding organ donation. Our committed counselors will answers questions on advance directives and draw up the needed paperwork.

Contact our conscientious Oklahoma estate planning firm for assistance

At Patrick T. Cornell, P.C., in Clinton, we help protect the interests of clients throughout Oklahoma by preparing customized, enforceable estate planning documents. To schedule a consultation, call our firm at 580-547-4020 or contact us online.

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